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Assessments reflect our own perceptions of who we are and how others perceive us. Assessments have been used for years. Those in use today are based on psychoanalytic theories which emerged when traits and psychoanalytic theories merged. Assessments are not tests. There are no right or wrong answers, that is why they are called assessments.


The answer is YES. They are used across a wide spectrum. One of the major uses is helping the company select the right person for the right job. This helps to insure JOB FIT. The assessments are also invaluable in the development of and managing teams, conflict mediation, OD 360's, leadership development, succession planning and the list goes on and on.


People are guided through a series of questions online and then within a minute the results are ready. The prefered method is to have us deliver the information to the HR department or the hiring manager. This allows us to debrief the results and answer questions. At PROfiles 2020 Inc. we also write a summary of the entire report which brings many factors to the front which are most relevant to this particular person and position. Our summaries are labor intensive but they have become the gold standard in assessment delivery. 99% of assessment companies do not take this last but critical step to insure the complete assimilation of the data.


Corporations, schools, individuals, couples, non-profits, sales organizations, military, police, fire departments, Universities and basically anyone who wants to have deeper insights into the people that they are involved with. The assessment is an INSTRUCTION MANUAL on how to most effectively interact with the person assessed.


The reliability and safety of the assessments depends on the degree of research and validation the provider has built into the assessment. Ask any provider to produce their research with it's history, when it was conducted and what empirical standards were utilized. Ask to see their ADVERSE IMPACT STUDIES, If they cannot produce this data then they are not professional and could lead you into litigation and government fines. Delivering assessments without the proper research is Malpractice. Everything we provide at PROfiles 2020 inc. is empirically validated to EEOC guidelines. We have the Adverse Impact Study available and we will provide you with everything to insure you are a legal user.


To help explain this ask yourself, what am I trying to accomplish? Do I want to hire the best people available? Do I want to increase the synergy of an important team? Do I want to try and save a few dollars at the expense of quality, research and validation? BUT the biggest thing to consider is not the assessment but the company and the consultant that you will be partnering with. The certified consultant is the cornerstone of your success in meeting your people objectives. We never allow anyone to speak with a client or prospect who is not certified in all our sciences. We do not sell assessments, we use them to solve your challenges and for new levels of performance and profitability. Our goal is to partner with you to help you meet the specific challenges you are facing. An assessment is just part of the way to resolve specific issues. Without the best assessment consultant, no assessment in the world will be the panacea for your issues.