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Adverse Impact: If your assessments do not meet EEOC validation standards you can be sued.


Our suite of patented talent assessments have proven exceptionally capable in organizational hiring practices, ensuring job and employee are a match. JOB FIT is critical. We remove the biggest failure in hiring, BIAS. We use science not gut instinct, politics or intuition.

Along the way, TTI-SI has made sure our assessments continue to be improved and refined to ensure a level playing field for all job prospects.

Our validated job bench marking processes are not "pass/fail." Rather, they are on a scale of zero to 10 to illustrate not only our industry expertise, but also our compliance with the "80 percent" rule and other EEOC guidelines regarding Adverse Impact.

As a TTI Success Partner, it's imperative we educate you that using TTI's assessments is safe and does not adversely impact any protected groups. Our profiles are EEOC approved.

Moreover, our validated assessments set us apart from the competition and provide clients with the necessary tools to use a wide range of psychometric instruments with the assurance they meet the most stringent of federal guidelines.We suggest you use an HR attorney to keep you legal. Have legal representation when attempting to verify legality of someones supposedly legal assessments. We are legal and we know the law.

If you are currently using assessments in your hiring process ask to see the validation studies and be sure they meet all the federal hiring guidelines.




                  assessments and zero litigation in candidate selection.

                                        WE KNOW THE RULES

                             We are safe and we keep you that way.

We use empirical validation to increase the predictability of our recommendations.

                We deliver one assessment every 7 seconds everyday of the year.

                BENEFITS of validated profiles.


  • Hire right the first time
  • Identify true star performers
  • Enhance employee engagement and productivity
  • Insure your sales team is the dominant force in all your markets
  • Build depth to allow for succession planning
  • Hire for attitude, not skills
  • Increase profits and  retention
  • Validation is empirically based science
  • The biggest cause for hiring mistakes is BIAS
  • Master the art of JOB FIT
  • Not using validated assessments, which are up to EEOC standards, is MALPRACTICE.